Our Brand

Our Mission Statement

Tigris will be the preferred fulfillment partner to retailers, etailers, and wholesalers in and around the Kitchen and Bath industry. Differentiated by service and stock, we will find ways to say “Yes” when others cannot. Working alongside our customer partners and manufacturer partners, Tigris commits itself to the highest level of integrity.

Our Brand

Our Name

The Tigris River is the swifter of the two rivers that ran through Mesopotamia, known as the Cradle of Civilization. Our world’s first partnerships were forged in and around this region.

At Tigris, we commit to building strong partnerships with you, for you. Like the droplets of water in the Tigris River, we will lead, and we will follow.

Brought to you by the founder of the industry’s very first master distributor and the founder of the industry’s most recent master distributor, Tigris Fulfillment Partners respects both the beauty of our past and the importance of new water flowing each day.

Tigris Fulfillment Partners
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